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Becoming a Twitter authority and maven is a whole lot easier than you think. To be the go-to person and preeminent person in your niche, all you need to do is execute thus simple strategy in your Twitter marketing.

Just find out what people want and then give it to them!

You see, your prospect’s perception of value lies in how RELEVANT your product or service is to his needs at this very moment in time. If you’re using Twitter as a marketing channel, than this social media technique becomes really easy.

Go to a website called BudURL. You put your tweet URL into the website and it tells you the number of how many people clicked through.

You can go to your Twitter or TweetDeck and see how many people actually re-tweeted or responded to the tweet. You’ll find that some articles get a high click-through rate compared to others. I don’t know what a really high clickthrough rate is because different people have different types of followers with different needs. But 10% is probably a safe solid click-through rate.

I take several different topics on random things. I put them through BudURL and I tweet them out. There are some topics that have a lot more interest than others. I could talk about child-care or marriage or something random like that, but I would get a lower click-through rate.

If I talk about something like Twitter for business, anything Twitter related is usually quite hot because my Twitter followers are in the marketing field. As a result, they have three times the number of click-throughs.

Twitter makes knowing what your followers want a precise science. You don’t really have to guess.

Basically, if there’s a higher response rate to a particular tweet, then you now know to write tweets of a similar nature and on a similar topic.

That’s why Twitter is one of the best personal branding enhancement tools in the world, using Twitter business principles you’ll become an authority and maven in your subject in no time.

And now I would like to invite you to test the most powerful twitter system in my salon.

The Twitter Salvation System

From Tracey Edwards- The Tweet Salon and Twitter Salvation System.


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